Our environmental policy

The operations of ATAB-Trappan AB affect the environment – just like any other industrial activity. However we have a duty to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum. We have the same responsibility to nature as we have to our customers, our employees and the surrounding community.
The environmental policy of ATAB-Trappan is to contribute to the conservation of our natural resources by continuously reducing our own impact. This means steady improvement and prevention of environmental pollution.

The implementation of our environmental policy involves:
– active pursuit and development of environmental issues in cooperation with our employees.
– monitoring attainment of general and detailed environmental targets.
– improving the environmental standards of our company beyond what is prescribed by law.
– obtaining replanting guarantees when buying wood material.
– purchasing from companies that have environmental management systems or are in the process of introducing them.

Our environmental declaration

– ATAB-Trappan AB is licensed under the Environmental Protection Act.
– Environmental reports are submitted to the Environmental and Health Department in Ljungby.
– ATAB-Trappan AB has an environmental policy and a work environment policy.
– ATAB-Trappan AB works to ISO 9001.
– There are regular internal inspections.
– Work on an environmental management system under ISO 14001 is in progress.
– The company is included in the REPA (producer responsibility) register.

The product
Stairs and balustrades are made of solid wood. The main woods used are spruce, birch, beech, oak, ash and maple. Replanting is guaranteed with all species.

The products are manufactured to a high technical standard incorporating a long tradition of quality workmanship. he wood waste arising from manufacture is recovered to provide energy for our production. he emissions that occur come from dust and smoke from the solid fuel plant. No solvents are used as we use UV-hardening in ATAB-Trappan’s EcoFinish™ production system.

The stairs are used in homes and in public spaces. . .

Energy recovery – As ATAB-Trappan’s stairs are made entirely of wood, 100 % of the material can be recovered as energy.
Landfill – Wood is a biological material that is gradually broken down in nature by the microorganisms that naturally occur in a balanced ecosystem.