Our designs

For many years ATAB-Trappan has been a leader in stair design thanks in particular to our flexibility and an awareness of our customers’ ideas and wishes. The most common designs are described below.

The tradition ATAB design is the classical stair with the tread fitted into the strings. But even in its classical form ATAB is unique. To avoid creaking stairs and obtain a really tight fit between tread and string, we cut a tenon in the end of the tread which engages with the string on all four sides. Quality is important even down to the smallest detail.


The WF stair is a new type of stair that has been developed in recent years. It has no inner string, which gives the impression of even more spacious and elegant interior design. The WF stair is a combination of stair craftsmanship and modern high technology. It is made only of hardwoods, with spindles and handrails meeting today’s demand for form, function and elegance.


ATAB’s NewAge stair is an entirely new stair design incorporating new thinking and innovation based on ATAB’s long tradition of handicraft, quality control and attention to detail. This exciting design makes NewAge the stair of the future.


Stepped tread design has been around for a long time. Each tread lies directly on its bearing parts (the strings), giving visible stair ends, which further emphasizes the look of the staircase. Different materials and finishes make it possible to produce a stunning contrast between the different components and combination with beautiful handrail fittings gives a light, open and timeless design.


With a very modern, exciting design, the Spirit staircase has quickly become established as the most sought-after type of stair. The different profiles, the centred strings and the innovative balustrade make it a beautiful adornment to the modern home.


With the Minima stair ATAB has succeeded in creating a stair design for really confined spaces, without detracting from the overall feel. Available in both standard and bespoke designs, the latter known as Minima Flex.


ATAB’s spacesaver stairs, often called loft stairs, are usually used where available space is at a premium, or example, in a holiday home or summer cottage where a loft bedroom needs to be easily reached. The ingenious tread design, which is available in two types, makes the stairs shorter than would otherwise be possible. Because of design restrictions these are only available as straight stairs.