How is your staircase made?

The material is assembled and adjusted using laser equipment. Colour selection and quality assessment are very important to the final result. We work with special woods and thicknesses ourselves; otherwise much of the raw material is purchased ready-made.

Special programs are used for design and preparation of production data. As each staircase is unique, all the production data has to be revised for every staircase.
The different components, such as strings, treads, handrails and newel posts, are CNC-machined with millimetre precision.

Further processing of machined components, e.g. cross-cutting, sanding, additional routing and drilling.

Many components are tested against each other to reduce errors and imperfections.

For varnishing we use a UV-hardening water-based varnish, called EcoFinish. The varnishing line is fully automated, with the components being taken back after drying through an intermediate sander for a final coat.
Treads and balustrade components are packed in cartons with foam as cushioning Long components such as strings are wrapped in bubble wrap.