Staircase – Glossary

  1. Tread
    The part you walk on.
  2. String
    Sidepiece of the stair.
  3. Riser
    The vertical piece of wood between the treads in a closed staircase.
  4. Bullnose
    First tread widened beyond the string.
  5. Stepped treads
    Treads resting on top of the string.
  6. Half-landing
    An extra short/long tread.
  7. Newel (post)
    Ends the balustrade at the beginning, end and/or corners of the staircase.
  8. Balusters /spindles
    Wooden uprights connecting handrail and string (handrail and floor in the case of horizontal balustrades).
  9. Curved newel post
    Handrail and string with gently curved and rounded corners.
  10. Stairwell
    Opening in the floor for the staircase.
  11. Flight
    Straight section of stairs. e.g. a straight staircase has one flight, a quarter-turned staircase two and a half-turned staircase three.
  12. Right-turned /left-turned staircase
    Staircase that turns to the right or left seen from below.
  13. Stair height
    Total height of a staircase from the floor on the lower storey to the floor on the upper storey.
  14. Horizontal balustrade
    Protective balustrade around the stairwell.
  15. Raking balustrade
    Balustrade that follows the string.
  16. First tread
    The lowest tread.
  17. Last tread
    The uppermost tread, flush with the floor.
  18. Handrails
    Support for the hand.