Some hints from our construction department

When you are choosing a new staircase it is naturally the functional requirements that count for most. A convenient link between storeys, which can be used by both young and old without any difficulty. For maximum safety and convenience building standards are laid down, calculated on the basis of the human body and our normal range of movement. If the space available turns out to be insufficient, it may sometimes be necessary to adapt the design of the staircase in response. ATAB-Trappan makes all its staircases to the dimensions available to our customers and where there is not enough space, the staircase arrangement is naturally adjusted accordingly.
The stair shape chosen often depends on the opportunities allowed by the available space. A space required for a straight staircase is not the same as that needed for a turned one. A half-landing somewhere in the configuration requires more space than an arrangement without etc. Whatever the circumstances, it is always possible to find a more or less satisfactory arrangement.

When a staircase is being constructed, we have to consider aspects such as going, rise, headroom and, of course, carrying capacity, and we sometimes have to adjust some of the dimensions our customers give us. Therefore we always send a drawing for confirmation and approval before production starts. We are often asked how much room a staircase needs. To answer this question we need to know how many treads the staircase is to have, the shape of the staircase and the rise of each tread.
The combination of these three criteria gives an answer to the question, but as an indication of the space requirement, we have prepared a little guide, that will be found here on the website.

A staircase from ATAB is made to last for many, many years, which is why we speak of Quality stairs that will last a lifetime!